Friday, 1 April 2016

Since 1978

This room is the second master bedroom entered from the first floor landing, opposite to the staircase. It has a very beautiful aspect, overlooking the garden right above the veranda. One can only imagine and visualise what a wonderful space it must have once been with its generous cornice work, charming picture rail and cast iron fireplace complemented by red glazed metro tiles as a hearth. It is painful to see how little of that is left and how much damage the previous alterations have caused to the features of this room. There is no fireplace anymore and the tiles are broken. The cornice has been eaten into with a hideous built-in wardrobe that also claimed the corner of once magnificent chimney breast. Poor picture rail partially came of as well as some of the original skirting. The seemingly unnecessary though practical fixture is the sink in the bedroom complete with a make-shift  wash unit, 1970s wall light and an electrical shaver point. All has to go and maybe find a new meaning elsewhere as a re-purposed item from a bygone era. The carpet fell apart and the underlay crumbled revealing piles of papers dated back a while ago. Tbc...

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